Lemo 2 Tank

Lemo 2 Tank

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The Eleaf Lemo 2 atomizer tank is an advanced e-cigarette tank incorporating Polyether Ether Ketone (PEEK) within the rebuild able atomizer (RBA) construction. PEEK is a colourless thermoplastic polymer which is heat and corrosion resistant providing this innovative tank with increased durability. The Lemo 2 tank can be filled with e-juice (3.8ml capacity) from the side (slide the top ring to expose the filling hole) meaning that you no longer need to remove the atomizer to refill your tank. Combined with the RBA head and large air inlet, this tank delivers outstanding performance.

The Eleaf RBA (rebuild able atomizer) tank includes everything you need to build your own coils. The Eleaf Lemo2 tank comes with a pre-installed 0.5ohm coil and wick. This is strictly a build your own coil tank, there are no prebuilt replacement coils.

As with any RBA/RDA or Sub-Ohm coils in general please use caution and educate yourself about low ohm builds and your batteries.

Lemo 2 Tank Assembly (1) Resistance Wire (1)
Cotton Pad (1)
Replaceable Silicone O-Ring for Glass Tube (1)
Mini Screw Driver (1) Replaceable Silicone Mat for Mouth Piece (1)
User Manual (1)  

Warranty: GR Dead on Arrival warranty. If any electronic component fails upon initial usage fresh from the packaging, or within 24 hours of package receipt, its replacement is covered by us, just pay shipping. Beyond 24 hours of package receipt no warranty applies.

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Stainless Steel

What are GR tailor made tobaccos?

We handmade your eliquid on a made to order basis allowing you to select the composition, strength and quantity you wish

Select from various additives to jazz up your tobacco should you find yourself in a nut. Two strengths of menthol and cloves are available from the menu for all tobaccos, other flavors vary by what we think goes good together.

Select the strength of nicotine you would like.

Select the % of overall flavoring used in your tobacco blend of choice. Standard id the original flavoring %for each blend, the filterless is 200%, the light is 50% and extra light is 25%.

Select the volume of liquid you would like.

Select the base composition of the eliquid. PG is Propylene Glycol, VG is Vegetable Glycerine, PEG400 is Polyethylene Glycol 400.

Select the number of bottels you would like.


Helpful tips for the wondering fellow!

Brewed the old way
Looking for the originl blend? Go with the choices shown in bold green in each of the options covered below.

Additive (none)
If this is your first time you may want to choose none untill you have sampled the base blend itself. If your a menthol or cloves fan we recommend starting with thr light options.

16mg-24mg is the most commonly vaped range.

Filter (standard 100%)
Start with the standard (100%) if it is your first time. We do generally flavor our tobaccos on the stronger side so if you prefer a lighter tobacco taste consider the light (50%) or extra light (25%) filter.

If you are unsure of your choices go with the 5ml sampler!

Base (70% PG, 30% VG)
PG/VG is most common. Go with VG if throat hit and flavor are less important to you than visible vapor. PEG400 offers substantially lower viscosity than VG without the irritant properties associated with PG while also maitaining a good amount of flavor.