The Gentlemen's Reserve was founded in the fall of 2009 in beautiful British Columbia. A grassroots establishment from humble beginnings, we have grown our product range and local customer base one e-cig at a time. Our goal since the beginning has been to become Canada's premium liquid producer with especial attention paid to offering delicious flavors with the most stringent quality control measures of any vendor in Canada. All of our liquids are compounded locally in Canada within our own facility using USP grade APIs and excipients in conjunction with FD&C compliant flavorings. To ensure proper quality control is kept during the manufacturing process finished bottles are periodically submitted for chemical analysis contracted to an independent laboratory which specializes in quality control. We also apply these same quality control measures to our selection of Tasty VaporĀ® liquids.

As the exclusive Canadian distributor of Golden Greek e-cigarettes, the GR not only offers you Canada's finest liquids but also what is arguably the worlds finest line of e-cigarettes. Legendary, these stylish powerhouses deliver unsurpassed performance and versatility. With three different models to choose from, there is something suitable for everyone.

So why have you only heard of us now? After almost two years of servicing customers locally while perfecting our craft, the GR was finally launched online to a Canada-wide market in early 2011. Not just another fly-by-night operation, we have been Canada's best kept secret.

Like what we do? Hate what we don't? We'd love to hear from you, so give us a shout.

Payment Methods

Credit/Debit Card Limit: $1,000 / Fee: None
Interac Email Transfer Limit: $1,000 / Fee: $1.50

Shipping Methods

UPS Services Canada: Variable
Worldwide: Variable
Canada Post Standard Canada: $10.00
USA: $10.00
Worldwide: $10.00
Canada Post Express Canada: $14.00

What are GR tailor made tobaccos?

We handmade your eliquid on a made to order basis allowing you to select the composition, strength and quantity you wish

Select from various additives to jazz up your tobacco should you find yourself in a nut. Two strengths of menthol and cloves are available from the menu for all tobaccos, other flavors vary by what we think goes good together.

Select the strength of nicotine you would like.

Select the % of overall flavoring used in your tobacco blend of choice. Standard id the original flavoring %for each blend, the filterless is 200%, the light is 50% and extra light is 25%.

Select the volume of liquid you would like.

Select the base composition of the eliquid. PG is Propylene Glycol, VG is Vegetable Glycerine, PEG400 is Polyethylene Glycol 400.

Select the number of bottels you would like.


Helpful tips for the wondering fellow!

Brewed the old way
Looking for the originl blend? Go with the choices shown in bold green in each of the options covered below.

Additive (none)
If this is your first time you may want to choose none untill you have sampled the base blend itself. If your a menthol or cloves fan we recommend starting with thr light options.

16mg-24mg is the most commonly vaped range.

Filter (standard 100%)
Start with the standard (100%) if it is your first time. We do generally flavor our tobaccos on the stronger side so if you prefer a lighter tobacco taste consider the light (50%) or extra light (25%) filter.

If you are unsure of your choices go with the 5ml sampler!

Base (70% PG, 30% VG)
PG/VG is most common. Go with VG if throat hit and flavor are less important to you than visible vapor. PEG400 offers substantially lower viscosity than VG without the irritant properties associated with PG while also maitaining a good amount of flavor.